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Pizza of the Month

Come in to enter your favorite creative combo — you could win a free pizza & be honored as the creator of the Pizza of the Month!

  • April 2017 The Frito Pie Classic Frito pie, Chicago-style: a deep dish well of Fritos and beef chili topped with cheese. Add jalapeños for an extra kick! by Suzi Q
  • March 2017 The Prince Orlando A thin pie with Italian sausage, mushrooms, basil, bell peppers & our delicious pesto cream sauce. by Oscar Romero
  • Feb 2017 Old Dirty Style Pie with salami, pepperocinis, ricotta cheese, olive oil and pesto sauce! by John Roth
  • Jan 2017 The Olé Molé A pie with molé sauce, feta cheese, red onions, mushrooms & pepperocini! by Big Ben
  • Dec 2016 Buffalo Bill's Revenge Pizza with chicken tossed in buffalo wing sauce, red onions, fresh jalapeños & a magical smoked bacon! by Tedwardo
  • Nov 2016 Really? Relleno? Si! Pizza dressed in cheddar, roasted Anaheim chile, roasted yellow corn and red pepper. by Rockwell
  • Oct 2016 Oktoberfeast White pizza with bratwurst, sauerkraut, jarlsberg, and mustard sauce. Goes great w/ Iron John's Smoked Truffle Strong Ale! by Iron Hans
  • Sept 2016 Grandma Capone's Lasagne Pizza Ricotta, seasoned ground beef, Italian sausage, spinach, mozzarella and red sauce. So good! by Sue Karder
  • August 2016 Sandy's Mouth Melt Beef chorizo, alfredo, mozzarella & pepper jack, with green chile strips & a touch of basil for your face! by Nick Sandoval
  • July 2016 Born on the Pork of July Pork belly, sweet peppers, red onion & bleu cheese with white or red sauce. by Greg & Tedward
  • June 2016 YouTalk'n Bahn Mi? Sriracha mayo base, cheese, roast pork, ham w/ cabbage, jalapeño and shredded carrots. by Jamie Rice
  • May 2016 Chicken Cordon Bleu Our regular sauce & cheese with chicken, ham & Swiss cheese — thin, deep dish or even stuffed! by Suzi Q
  • April 2016 The New Yawka Puffy crust, cut in friction' triangles with 1/3 of our regular cheeses & toppins for the SAME PRICE! 'Pizza how it oughta be' — Trump by Mario
  • March 2016 The Homer Simpson Thin crust, no pizza sauce, w/ apple sauce, four cheeses, Italian sausage, bacon and a sprinkle of cheddar — cheese of the gods.... by Flaco Jimenez
  • Feb 2016 The Genoese Deep dish with prosciutto, feta, onions, pesto, garlic & mushrooms! by Mollie Chivington
  • Jan 2016 The Madeye White pizza with grilled rosemary chicken, freshly sliced Roma tomatoes & pepperoncinis by Ivan
  • Dec 2015 The Salty Pig anchovies, diced bacon, juicy roma tomatoes, scallions and prosciutto, with olive oil instead of red sauce by Sharon Johnson
  • Nov. 2015 Asiago-go Grilled chicken, red onion, asiago cheese and plump slices of roma tomatoes! by Steve T.
  • Oct. 2015 Gibson & Gibbons red sauce, zucchini, pancetta and artichoke hearts on thin or gluten-free crust! by CJ Hamm & Chris DeSimone
  • Sept. 2015 Buffalo Bill Pie chicken tossed in medium wing sauce with fresh basil and onion by Tedward
  • August 2015 The Smoldering Basil deep-dish with pesto, mozz & pepper jack, jalapeños & crumbled spicy Italian sausage by Zoe
  • July 2015 Chicago Italian Beef thin-sliced beef, mozzarella, hot or sweet peppers, & special Italian sausage! by Marilyn Wierschem
  • June 2015 Fiesty Javelina bacon, jalapeño, chorizo, sundried tomatoes by Thaddeus
  • May 2015 Hemdullah Pie White pizza with Green Chilis, Spinach & Chicken! by Michael
  • April 2015 The Greg Petix All of our deep-fried appetizers in a stuffed pizza by Greg Petix
  • March 2015 Heartichoke Boat artichoke hearts, tomatoes, salami, pesto & parmesan by Brenda & Mikey
  • Feb 2015 Green-eyed Monster thin pizza with green olives, spinach & anchovies by Terry